Thursday, April 24, 2014
Overview of the West Virginia Health Improvement Institute
A non-profit organization that serves as a statewide collaboration among multiple stakeholders focusing on improving the health and health care of all West Virginians. The goal of the Institute is to improve the health status of all West Virginians through aligned initiatives focusing on improved access, prevention, promotion of wellness and healthy lifestyle choices, appropriate utilization, and optimal evidence based chronic illness management.
Read the latest Community Report highlighting our accomplishments. For more information about the Institute, please visit the About section of this website.

BMS Health Homes Initiative

State Plan ammendment opportunity to build a person-centered system of care that achieves improved outcomes and better services for State Medicaid programs.

Children's Health Improvement Consortium

The Tri-State Children's Health Improvement Consortium
is an exciting national collaborative effort of Alaska, Oregon, and West Virginia that is aimed at establishing and evaluating a national system for children’s health care quality.
Institute Initiatives

Current Initiatives

  • Health Homes for Medicaid Members with Chronic Conditions (BMS Health Homes)
  • Tri-state Children's Health Improvement Consortium (T-CHIC)
  • West Virginia Regional Health Information Technology Extension Center (WVRHITEC)

Health Homes SPA Feedback

BMS has been soliciting input on various aspects of the State Plan Ammendment through several mechanisms. Work groups on specific topics were set up at the time of project launch and each met several times during the early planning stages. More recently, webcasts have been conducted for any interested stakeholders and each has provided an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments on the progress of the SPA to date.
We are encouraging anyone who is interested to provide feedback by clicking here. The most current copy of the SPA draft can be accessed by clicking here.

Recognized Medical Homes in WV!

The following have been NCQA recognized as Medical Homes:
  • Bluestone Health Association
  • Family Medical Care Community Health Center
  • FamilyCare HealthCenter
  • Health Access Inc.
  • Milan Puskar Health Right
  • Minnie Hamilton Health System
  • Monongahela Valley Assoc. of Health Centers, Inc.
  • New River Health Association
  • Primary Care Systems
  • Robert C. Byrd Clinic
  • Schwarzenberg & Schwarzenberg MDs
  • Shenandoah Valley Medical System, Inc.
  • Valley Health Care, Inc.
  • Valley Health Systems, Inc.
  • WV Health Right
  • WVU Department of Family Medicine Eastern Division - Harpers Ferry Family Medicine
  • WVU Department of Family Medicine Eastern Division - WVU Women's Health and Maternity Center
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